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A message from our New Western Regional President Chef Robert Phillips

Chef Robert Phillips

This is the last column that I will be writing as the President of the Chef de Cuisine Association of California.  I was incredibly conflicted about what to write, but as I thought about what to write, I realized that it is about everyone who I have come in contact with.  Without each and everyone of you I could not have done this job.  I am humbled by the support that you have shown me and my family during my term as president of the CCAC.  Thank you very much!  Thank you for allowing me the honor of serving you!

While I am leaving as President of the CCAC, I am truly honored that you have elected me to be the Western Regional Vice President of the American Culinary Federation.  Thank you!  I look forward to working with and representing each and everyone of you in my new position.  Together we can make the ACF greater than it currently is!  Don’t worry I will still be around to help each and everyone of you as I have in the past, but in a new position.

I look forward to serving you in my new position.

Thank you again!

Robert Phillips

Outgoing President of the CCAC
West Coast Regional Vice President Elect of the ACF