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CA013 – ACF Chefs de Cuisine Association of California

The American Culinary Federation Chefs de Cuisine of California, Los Angeles Chapter, is a fraternal service organization and member of the national American Culinary Federation. We have members from all aspects of the food service and hospitality industry. Our membership profiles range from students to educators, from local vendors to the national brands, from novice chefs to seasoned professionals, from apprentice to mentors. We cover the spectrum in culinary positions and techniques. We take great pride in our place in the culinary world and our work in our community.

We are the oldest and largest chef organization in America. Our local chapter has been around since 1923 because we are focused on education and development of our members at all times and at all stages of their careers. We know what is important, and we will be here for the next generation of chefs and the next, and yes – we do feel great about this!

CLos Angeles Chef of the Year Award

Our Los Angeles Chapter is the first chapter to change from a popularity vote to A participation performance evaluation to determine the achievements of members. A new yearly competition is a positive change and well regarded event for Los Angeles area chefs, restaurants, hotels, caterers, educators and culinary community. Nominees are a diverse field of highly regarded chefs, many from well-known local establishments, hotels and the educational community. Nominations are open for Los Angeles Chef of the Year. The Los Angeles competition is a media intense event for participants, sponsors and the culinary community as well as an excellent educational experience. We encourage your participation!

If you would like additional information on our chapter, please attend one of our meetings or contact us (link to contact page).

Chapter Information

Chapter: CA013 Chef de Cuisine Association of California

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