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Bill Bauer

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Bill Bauer

Someone you should know

It was a challenge to write a story on Chef Bill and keep it only a page long since his story is so interesting. Before we dive into Chef Bill’s personal life, we asked him how he got started in Fantasy Flights. Back in 2016, Chef Bill started cooking food for Air Fayre and he heard of a story of United Airlines flying children to the “North Pole.” As the story unfolded, he knew that he had to go into the field and see this happen in person and be a part of it. Christmas is the seasons of miracles and he wanted to help make it happen for the children. When asked who his role model is culinary, he said it was Eric Kopelow and they worked together as Chef’s for years. He had the three most important P’s: Passion, Pride, and Professionalism. He was a humble, generous and a great Chef, and good friend. It seems like the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree. When we asked Chef Bill what his one holidays was, he said peace on earth (he knows it’s cliché but it’s truly one of the best things…).

So…who is Chef Bill? He was born in Washington D.C., moved to NJ when he was 2, but he was ultimately raised in California. He has two parakeets (Tweetie is all yellow and Snow is all white), a sun conoure Maui, two all black rescue cats (Minuit and Shadow), one rescue dog (Kopi as in Anze Kopitar from the LA Kings Hockey Team). He is a lover of classic rock (Led Zeppelin, Rush, Stones, Clapton, Floyd, and he’s been to 45 Buffett shows all over the country). He loves to fish and play golf or enjoy a quiet afternoon in the blazing summer relaxing in the pool. When asked what his favorite meal to create is, it’s Osso Bucco (braised veal shanks). This dish layers on the flavors with the richness and subtlety of the veal and the silky rich marrow is decadent. Speaking of food, we of course had to ask Chef Bill what his favorite holiday food item is. As a kid, he loved his dad’s cornbread stuffing with sausage. He would make all the ingredients and Chef Bill would help mix the stuffing with his own hands. His dad would add the sausage fat from the crumbled cooked sausage. It was the best thing on the entire table!
We are so lucky to have Chef Bill as a volunteer and next time you see him, please be sure to say hi!

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