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William Yee

Chef Bill Yee
2614 W. Shorb Street, Alhambra CA 91803
(626) 230 5435

Chef Bill Yee is the owner of Alhambra Culinary School and Vice President of the ACF (American Culinary Federation) Board of Directors Chefs de Cuisine Association of California Chapter. He is the President of the Le Cordon Bleu Alumni Association and owner/founder of popular L.A. Omelets Catering Services.

He was a sous chef in Augusta, GA for three years for corporate sponsors AT&T and IBM at the renowned Masters Golf Tournament and provides chef teams for US Foods, LA Greek Fest and other events. While working for a Beverly Hills based staffing agency as the culinary recruiter for over 5 years, he hired over 1800 student cooks from over a dozen culinary schools and colleges throughout Greater Los Angeles and the Inland Empire. He has been the omelet station chef on weekends for 5-star Langham Huntington Hotel since 2013 and for the corporate headquarters in Hollywood with Wolfgang Puck for Netflix. He provides free Entry Level Prep Cook training including uniform and requipment for the homeless and at-risk Veterans at March Air Reserve Base and the Chef Apprentice Workshop in Alhambra, CA for culinary school graduates, chefs and beginners and the Chef Kids program for 8 – 13 year olds. He is also the Chef/Artistic Director of the renowned Alhambra Performing Arts Center and has provided free world-class musicians and dance programs every month since 2006.

He has received numerous awards and commendations including three times Chef of the Year, Humanitarian, and Community Service, CCAC Presidential Professional Chef of the Year 2018 and the 2019 Western Region ACF Presidential Cutting Edge Award presented at the ChefConnect Convention in Minneapolis from ACF National President Stafford DeCambra. His background includes owner of a mortgage banking company, financial training services, national sales manager (Toronto, Canada), home furnishings retail chain owner (Boston), fine dining Italian restaurant manager (Thousand Oaks), marketing director for a commercial real estate development company and jazz festival promoter (Hawaii). Chef Yee was born and raised in New York