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CCAC Helping With Trona Earthquake Recovery

ACF CCAC CHEFS, Chef Basil & Chef Robert feed Earthquake Victims: OPERATION TRONA
Dear Jennifer SOCALGAS, & Jim Wise Imperial Commerical Cooking Equipment.
My wife and I ORGANIZED with our Nonprofit for a 24 foot truck and six cars to bring in food water and other items to help the Victims of the Trona Earthquake. We got several Chefs and community leaders to help us as well, Please click on both links below and watch the video. The gas has been turned on again as well as water, but they will have to continue to eat sandwhich’s, and small meals brought in by others, because the building is not structurally safe yet. See the link to read the front page newspaper article. Local charities come together for earthquake recovery  I told Will Morris, that I must continue to some how make sure the community eats.
Now that water and gas are on, I am planning to drive another truck in on July 26, with food that they can cook, our goal is to send food in until they are self sustainable along with keeping there spirits high. I will be asking other sources like Imperial Commercial Cooking Equipment, to help with some used portable cooking equipment with burners, fryers and Convection ovens so that I can roll in with propane gas, to feed them as long as it takes. The City of Trona has around 1400 residents.

Local charities come together for earthquake recovery

TRONA – As this unincorporated town in San Bernardino County moves from earthquake disaster to recovery mode, a group of High Desert and Victor Valley charities worked together to deliver five truckloads of supplies to a church here on Tuesday.Lissette Angulo and Basil Kimbrew, both of Victorville, teamed with Darren Fikstad of Desert Manna in Barstow and Lisa Graham-Anderson and Joshua Graham of Swapping Mamas Clothing Swap/Closet charity in Adelanto, to deliver food,

At the press conference we informed them that once we are up and running, I will prepare the best upcoming Thanksgiving dinner they have ever had in November.
We must help those who can not help themselves. This is my MOTTO, just like when I was homeless people helped me.  Thank you for your time.


ACF Chef Basil