Potato Crusted Halibut with Mandarin Orange Butter Sauce


Recipe courtesy of Chef Martin Gilligan CEC, MCFE


Yield: 4 Portions

4 each 4 ounce halibut filets (boneless)

3 each Idaho potatoes (peeled)

1 cup ap flour

2 eggs (beaten)

Vegetable oil (as needed)

Salt and pepper

  • Cut the potatoes into thin Julianne strips and rince them under cold water deep fry till crisp and lightly golden brown Drain on paper towels and cool.  Using both hands crush the potato strips into small pieces.
  • Season the fish and potato crisps with salt and pepper. Using the standard breading procedure flour the fish and brush or shake off the excess flour. Place the fish pieces one by one into the eggs and then into the crisp potatoes pressing lightly to form a crust.
  • Heat a small amount of vegetable oil in a pan or on a griddle.  Pan Fry the Halibut till the crust is golden brown on all sides.  Place the fish on a reck/ sheet pan setup and bake in the oven till the fish reaches an internal temperature of 155 degrees F.


Mandarin Orange Butter Sauce (warm emulsion sauce)

Yield: 10 servings

6 oz. Orange Segments

1 ½ lbs. unsalted butter

2 each small Shallots (Minced)

2 cups White Wine

1 cup Orange Juice

½ cup Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar

½ tsp Minced Orange Peel

½ tsp Crushed Red Chili Peppers (dry spice)

3 tbsp Sugar

  • Combine in saucepan, the shallots, OJ, vinegar, and wine heat until just starting to boil, reduce heat and simmer till all the liquid is a thick syrupy consistency.
  • Cube the butter and keep cold. Whisk into the simmering saucepan piece by piece till all of the butter is incorporated and an emulsification is formed.  Immediately pour the sauce into another container or bowl to prevent the residual heat from breaking the emulsification. Blend with a stick blender to give a frothy effect to the sauce.

Add the orange segments chili spice, and orange peel to the sauce and serve