CEH’s & Re-Certification time goes by fast

It takes time to get Re- Certified every five years.Many chefs come to me and say, "I am having problems with my Re-Certification and getting enough CEH’s in five years. “ or I tell them how I am doing it " I tell them that it takes time, dedication and some self-sacrifice with planning. I tell them to listen to my story about how I did it and maybe how you can do it also.

I did this process in a little under 23 months as I was like the rest of you and was concerned I would not have enough hours when time tick out on five years. So I never procrastinated and then one day I woke up and realized that I had already accumulated 120 hours as I had two ACF Certifications. My personal demons are the same as yours or perhaps greater. I did my re-certification while being employed at my primary job for in excess of 55 hours a week, and also working as an adjunct instructor at a culinary school part time and being married and having two small children at home.

Here are a few tips that you need for re-certification.

1) You will need 80 hours for the first certification. 40 hours for the second, and 20 hours for the third and each beyond that.
2) Re-Certification is done every 5 years, except for C.C. and C.P.C. which are done every three years.
3) For the very first time you recertify you will need 8 hours each in the following areas: Food Safety and Sanitation, Nutrition, and Culinary Supervision.
4) Five years equals 60 months. That means you need less than 1.5 hours per month for one certification.

Let's talk about how you can get your hours. It is very simple! Here are a few examples of how to get your hours. Many of them are free or are very low cost! Some of them are fun! Many can be done at home or on your way to work or at work! Some can involve travel to fun and exciting places! Let’s usstart to review!

Become a Board Member or chair of a specialized field of your Local Chapter. Like a 2 Year Board Member, Apprenticeship Chair, Education Chair, Treasurer ETC. For every year you participate you gain 12 CEH’s, up to 60 in a five year run, which means you could change from position to position making it more friendly to your needs. Some meetings have more hours to them, in that they have an Educational Component in them.Which could add as many as another 12 CEH’s per year if they had them every month of the year and you attended them all. But for fun,lets say you attend 3 that would equal 3 CEH’s.

Attend the regional and/or national convention. Minimally you would get about 14 CEH’s but probably more, Texas Does an Annual meet in the state to provide a lot of CEH’s to its Members. But they would probably take pretty much anyone who pays to attend. Where I think you could earn up to 30 CEH’sand it would very cost effective if I recall correctly. The hours are listed by each activity in these events is true, but the more active you are the more points you can get by attending training classes that would be of interest to the culinarian.

Ok, this is 77 CEH’s minimally, and we have only scratched the surface. Let us move forward to see where else can we get these CEH’s from.

Also By participating as National Officers, ACE & Event Competitions & also Chairing ACF, NICA Competitions you can earn additional CEH’s.

Taking on line courses, yes, they cost money but are much friendlier to those who are short on time. Where do I go to take these courses, www.Chefcertification.com, www.eculinary.com , www.ACFchefs.org.look under the Certify/Education categoryon the National Page. It offers 23 free CEH’s with more you can purchase such as classes from Chef Certification & E Culinary and I am sure there are plenty of others to obtain. At this same time you are on the National Page you can take the ACF Quizzes that date back as much as three years to obtain what are potentially 30 CEH’s or more at no cost.

I know this sounds like a lot but if you attack that pie one bite at a time it can easily be eaten!

So right here this brings you up to 150 potential CEH’s! just to break it down 1 CEU Equals 10 CEH’s credit roughly. School Units transferred to CEH’s at rate of between 10 & 16 CEH’s. Take classes and keep growing your culinary skills it pays off for CEH’s. Try classes at your local college or online. Seminars are worth CEH’s, Employer In-Services like Sexual Harassment Classes are worth CEH’s based on length of class or in-services. ACF trade Show as well as other related Trade Shows are worth 4 CEH’s each per year, just keep your registration.

Articles like this one written for the ACF Publications, Sizzle and The National Culinary Review, along with ACF website or social media pages up to 5 Hours. As a Demonstrator in trade related Seminars and Local Community Guest speaking like at a high school culinary program are good for up to 3 CEH’S per year.

Attend an Educational class at the local Electric or Gas Company.

These are just a few ways to get your hours! So I have just named ways to get a couple hundred CEH’s. I am sure there are more that I have not even touched on here. But find more details look on the ACF Website under Certification/Education and get your CEH’s stock piled for when you need them.

If you have more questions, ask me or ask the National Certification Chair. Read the ACF Website! It has all the answers you will need to be successful! If you don't ask, you don't know! Good Luck, with your Re-Certification!

Find more Detail info on the ACF Website under Certification/Education
Culinarily yours,
Robert Phillips CEC, CCA, ACE
CCAC Chapter President