ACF Election Results… We can do better

As I continue to think about the latest election results, I am very perplexed! 

I have julienned, chopped and pureed the election results and analyzed the end results.  Here is what I have determined.  All of my information was gleaned from the Official ACF Website.

  1. There were 437 votes cast in the race for Western Regional Vice President.  Assuming that all votes in the Western Regional were equal, no half or quarter votes, this represents 16.64% of total votes cast.  This also represents 2.8% of all eligible voters.
  2. The Western Region comprises approximately 2247 voting members.  This represents approximately 14.38% of all eligible voters, assuming that all regions had the same 19.45% voter turnout.  (At this point I don't have data showing anything different.)
  3. There are thirteen states plus Guam and the Philippines in the Western Region.  The States of Montana and New Mexico currently have no ACF Chapters.  This works out to be about 173 votes per state without Guam and the Philippines; if they are included this works out to be approximately 150 voters per geographic division.  Currently, my chapter has approximately 150 voting members, combine this with the rest of the Southern California Chapters and how many voting members are there really in each of these other geographic divisions?
  4. How many of the chapters in the Western Region really exist?  As I peruse the ACF Website and follow the links, I find two things, bad website addresses and chapters that seem to only exist on paper!  Perhaps it is time to put the Ghost Chapters to Rest!
  5. When I further analyze the 437 votes cast in the Western Region, giving them all equal weight at one member, one vote, with no half or quarter votes, I get the following results:

a.)  Thirteen states voting equals 33.62 votes per state.

b.)  Thirteen states plus Guam and the Philippines voting equals 29.13 votes per state.

Either way this is a total disaster!  If you think my numbers are suspect, you do the math using the Official Election Results.  If you think my numbers are wrong, show me your numbers using official data.  Remember all of my calculations for the Western Region are done using full votes as I don't know how many half and quarter votes were cast.

Please attend your local ACF Chapter's meetings!  Please be a member!  Please help us recruit New Members!  Please consider being an Officer!  Please be part of the ACF direction, not nonexistent!

CCAC President

Robert Phillips