New Incentivized Membership Program

As we go forward with new terms for our national leadership, I would like to propose a "New Incentivized Membership Program" starting on a local and national level.

My plan is very simple and is based on other existing programs. My plan has the potential to save every existing member money and to grow the ACF on both a local and national level, with an emphasis on a local level.

Here is what I propose.  I propose that existing members who recruit new members at a Professional, Allied or Associate Level receive a Twenty Five Dollar credit towards their membership fee on their next renewal.  Additionally, I propose that they are honored with a Recruiter's Patch to go on their Chefs' Jacket as well as Certificates of Recognition from both the local and national chapters.  I also propose that there be no limit on the number of credits a recruiter can receive.  Yes, that means some members could earn a free membership, but that means they will have gotten nine new members in one year not past members.

The recruiters patch or Pin that I refer to would be a round patch so that one could put enhancements around it.  You would get the patch for the first new member, then enhancements for each and everyone thereafter, with an enhancement for the top recruiter for the year. Maybe earn CEU’s for Certification

The levels would be as follows:
1 New Member - Recruiter
2 New Members - Senior Recruiter
3 New Members - Executive Recruiter
4 New Members - Master Recruiter
5 New Members –Executive Master Recruiter

Most new members by a member in a chapter - Local and National Recognition in the Recruiters' Honor Society and Also 10 is a requirement for AAC induction category setting the stage for AAC.

For those of you who think that this will cost the chapter money, I believe that it could, but, more members bring more revenues to the chapter and to the national. So here I propose that of the Twenty Five Dollars that will be credited to the existing member's account that the money to be credited, be split between the local and the national under the existing percentages now in place on membership fees.

Also, in order to credit the membership properly, we will need to add a line to the Membership Application stating who referred you or recruited you to be a member.

Please give me your feedback! Both positive and negative! Just thinking out loud please do the same.

CCAC President
Robert Phillips CEC, CCA