Chef Kids Program

Since the most important meal of the day is breakfast, my Chef Kids program will focus on how to make Bobby Flay scrambled eggs, Belgian Waffles, 5-star Hotel Style Omelets and French Toast.Logo-1

I was inspired when I was around 8yrs old to follow my dad in making scrambled eggs and now, late in life when my career direction changed to becoming a professional chef who graduated from prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, I hope to inspire my own Chef Kids in learning how to prepare and cook this all-important meal.

I think as discussed that I could incorporate the same program for the three-morning class sessions starting with:

Day 1. What is a Chef, the uniform, equipment, how to crack an egg, and how to make my Bobby Flay Scrambled Eggs (I cooked for him at the Langham Hotel).

Day 2. What kind of jobs are there for professional chefs (catering, hotels, school cafeterias, cruise ships, etc.) and how to make French ToastChefKids

Day 3. Demonstrate how a chef uses his professional chef knife, cutting techniques and how to make Belgian Waffles with all the fixings.

Day 4. The importance of good training, and how to prep and make a 5-star hotel style omelet

Day 5. Presentation of each grade for scrambled eggs, French Toast, Belgian Waffles and 5-star Hotel style omelets

The Day 5 Presentation will focus on preparing to cater the lunch for the Chef Kids, parents, and staff with the efforts involved from each class. 

Chef Bill Yee

Vice President, Chefs de Cuisine American Culinary Federation