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Boost your culinary career. Gain access to experts in the culinary profession. Stay on top of the latest in culinary arts. Food brings people together, and ACF brings together those who love food. Whether it’s the professional culinarian looking to build skills and a strong résumé, the foodservice executive chef wanting to network or the students and educators who embrace culinary arts, ACF has something for everyone!

  • Professional Culinarian – is the professional/chef with 3 years or more of full time employment in the culinary profession.
  • Culinarian – is for the new professional, someone with a minimum of 6 months full time employment who is pursuing on-the-job training and building a résumé to take on more responsibility.
  • Student Culinarian – is a registered apprentice or a student in the post-secondary culinary education program with less than 2 years of full-time employment.
  • Junior Culinarian – is the high school student between the ages of 16 and 18.
  • Associate Membership – is for any group, corporation or company that provides products or services to the culinary profession.
  • Allied Membership – is for those in professions related to the culinary profession, such as a nutritionist, dietician, bartender, waiter, restaurant manager or owner.
  • Culinary Enthusiast – is someone who has a passion for the culinary arts. Home cooks to gourmets are welcome at this level.
  • Property Membership – allows companies to purchase ACF memberships for culinarians at a reduced rate.

For every general meeting you attend, you will receive a certificate, and for every 6 certificates, you will have earned one unit of continuing education credit. You must attend to earn these credits. We hope to see you at each and every general chapter meeting.

Yearly Membership Dues

Member Types  Pricing
Allied Member  $270.00
Associate Member  $300.00
Culinarian  $115.00
Enthusiast  $140.00
Junior Culinarian – Age 16-18, High School Student  $85.00
Professional  $230.00
Student Culinarian  $95.00