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Culinary Programs and Courses are offered at the Culinary Arts Institute at Los Angeles Mission College.

When enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program at the Culinary Arts Institute at Los Angeles Mission College, students have the ability to receive several different types of certificate that relate to the industry. Most courses at our Culinary Arts Program are acceptable for credit toward a Bachelor’s Degree at four-year universities as well. Completion of a certificate or transfer program will provide a solid foundation upon which to build a life-long career.

These programs prepare students to enter the culinary arts industry as dishwashers, prep cooks, line cooks, sous chefs, waiters, restaurant managers, and cafe managers. In these positions, employees are required to prepare entrees, create menus, requisition supplies, supervise employees, manage equipment, maintain varied records, coordinate data with accountants and others in the organization, and serve as a liaison between senior management and employees. Always consult an LAMC college counselor for information on graduation requirements.

Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates should be able to:

  • Establishing and maintain safety and sanitation procedures
  • Prepare standardized recipes using a variety of cooking techniques
    which meet industry quality standards
  • Prepare a variety of American Regional and International recipes utilizing the correct techniques, ingredients and equipment which meet industry quality standards
  • Describe and perform tasks related to common business practices in the culinary industry, including inventory, menu planning, cost control, and food purchasing
  • Describe the principles of food and beverage management
  • Define and articulate the core values of the culinary professional
  • Seek entry-level positions in commercial and institutional food service settings


  • Associate of Arts Degrees (60 or greater):
    • Culinary Arts
    • Restaurant Management


  • Certificates of Achievement (18 units or greater):
    • Culinary Arts
    • Restaurant Management
    • Professional Baking


  • Certificates of Accomplishment (17 units or fewer):
    • Culinary Specialist I
    • Culinary Specialist II
    • Baking Specialist I
    • Baking Specialist II
    • Restaurant Management

Culinary arts students have the opportunity to obtain the ServSafe Food Manager Certification and participate in the ManageFirst Professional Certification Program.

For more information regarding our Culinary Arts Program, please contact the Department Chair, Chef Louis Eguaras, at 818-364-7706.