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Chris Emerling

Chris Emerling



Executive Chef – Jack & Ben’s @ WME Entertainment – Beverly Hills

Chef de Cuisine Association of California – Board of Directors / Competition Chair

Chris Emerling started his culinary career during high school in the kitchens of a ski resort in western New York.  His chef, having seen a strong motivation and potential in a young cook, encouraged him to attend Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts in Pittsburgh.  Fresh out of school and eager to learn and work his craft, he spent the next several years working at private clubs along the Carolina coast.

Chris eventually moved to Switzerland to work at the 3 Michelin Star restaurant of Philippe Rochat.  It was here, seeing classic French cooking at its root and highest level, that his understanding of flavors, discipline, techniques and respect for products truly came alive.  After working at several other Michelin starred restaurants in both Europe and the US, including Joël Robuchon, Anne-Sophie Pic and Benoît Violier, he still carries on the philosophy and passion that was introduced in the small town of Crissier, Switzerland.

Upon moving back to the US, he has settled in Los Angeles where he feeds Hollywood’s “A-list” as Executive Chef at Jack & Ben’s, the private restaurant of the top talent agency WME in Beverly Hills.  His food is a culmination of his global experiences and extensive world travels and takes full advantage of the bounty of ingredients and styles available in Southern California; a true “borderless cuisine”.

No stranger to competitions, he has participated with success at a multitude of competitions around the globe. He has medaled in all of his dozen plus ACF events, including multiple gold and “best of” awards, and has competed in the esteemed KADI “Cuisiner d’Or” in Switzerland, Le Prix Culinaire Prosper Montagné in France as well as the Concours de Jeune Commis for the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.  In addition to competing himself, he has coached several others, including the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs National Pastry Champion, ACF Student Hot Team and Bocuse d’Or Team Vietnam.

When not in the kitchen, Chris can be found catching some sun or waves on the beach, hiking the local mountains and enjoying the great outdoors.