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Mark M. Baida

Mark M. Baida – President

My Fellow Culinarians,
I welcome you to our world…”The World of Culinary”.

This is a very special world where everything has a point and purpose, where the disciplined and strong survive, where personal blood, sweat, and tears pushes us to achieve greatness, where smells and sites will captivate you, where tastes can place you in a comma paradise, where you will meet the most amazing people from all over the world, where you repeat to others some of your greatest/happiest times in your life, and where you can personally be a part of it and grow your endeavors for ever – it all starts and ends with you!

Being a member of anything you need to become involve. Sitting on the sidelines and watching you will miss out on many opportunities to network, learn, socialize, and most importantly be an integral part of our profession. If we are the authorities on food in the United States, we need to get out and let people know, we are one of the best kept secrets in our community We also need to continue to grow for this organization to remain instrumental in our industry for those here today as well as those that are just starting out or will be arriving in the future. We need to look at the students and MENTOR them as we talk about how they are the future, yes, they are also the NOW. If ten percent of the student members become professionals every year we would double the size of our chapter again. We have certification for culinarians that is second to none. With it now being accredited, we need to let everyone know, and not just the country club chef or the hotel chef. We need to talk with the grocery store chefs, retirement communities, nutritionist, research & development, cooks, enthusiast who just love to cook, and yes even the fast food cooks who one day may become a Master Chef. I think sometimes we forget where we began. How many of us started out doing dishes at a very young age? We need to step out of our comfort zone and invite others to join us, at heart we are all COOKS!

Our chapter continues to grow and evolve through the years, I am so proud to represent you as your president and carry on the brotherhood that started back 1923. Times are changing and to present to you our brand new website/media center for all members and future members of ACF-LA is very exciting. Just as exciting is our consistent approach to building our chapter throughout the greatest city in the country – Los Angeles. Remember it all starts and ends with you, but in the culinary world…you’re only as good as your team, so come on and lets us help you reach your goals and together we can reach ours.

Thank You & Savor Cuisine!

Mark M. Baida, CEC, CCA, ACE
Chef de Cuisine of California /
American Culinary Federation, Los Angeles