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Robert Higgins

Robert Higgins

Chef Bob Higgins has been immersed in the food service industry his entire life and began teaching more than 17 years ago as a Culinary Arts instructor for Los Angeles Unified School District. He has been honored by the Los Angeles Unified School District as an Inspirational Teacher with his work with students with special needs. Becoming a teacher was a natural progression after working in his own Restaurant. He helps his students find their culinary voice “by pushing them and telling them its’ about great food and the customer.” He adds, “I have never stopped learning, I will always continue to learn and be inspired.” Chef Higgins emphasizes sharing his practical experience with his students, telling them the importance of teamwork, being professional and broadening their education through reading, volunteering and anything else that will enhance their knowledge.

Robert Higgins is currently a Culinary Arts Teacher at John Francis Polytechnic High School, Sun Valley, California where he has served since 2005. His Culinary Arts course is designed to prepare students for entry-level employment in the food service industry. Chef Bob is dedicated to enthusiastic and dynamic teaching as a means of creating and nurturing a lifelong love of Culinary Arts.

He is a member with the following Affiliations: American Culinary Federation, President of International Food Service Executive Association (California Chapter) and Professional Food Manager Association, and certified Serve Safe Trainer & proctor.

Chef Higgins sponsors a Culinary Club, volunteering with activities such as preparing Thanksgiving dinners for Penny Lane, Veterans Holiday event serving more than 5, ooo veterans and numerous local activities.

He has a combination of education, and experience with twenty-eight years of business background in the Food Service Industry. Chef Robert Higgins has worked for the Hilton Corporation as a kitchen Manager, General Manager for Country Market Restaurants for three properties in three states in addition to Manager/ Chef at Cafe Del Sol Restaurant North Hollywood.

Chef Higgins has attended a culinary cruise with Master Chef Jacques Pepin. He received his Baking Certificate DHCT Culinary Arts Academy in Vitnue, Switzerland and has completed advanced classes at Johnson and Wales University, taught by Certified Master Chef Steve Jilleba.