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Certification Matters – Differentiate Yourself!

With thousands of chefs competing in the job market, it is essential to prove your culinary competency. Certification through the American Culinary Federation demonstrates skill, knowledge and professionalism to the food service industry.

ACF’s Professional Certification Program: Learn the difference between an assessment-based certificate program, certificates of attendance, and a professional certification programs.

What ACF certification means to an employer:

  • Your skills and culinary expertise have reached a set benchmark
  • You are well versed in culinary nutrition and food safety and sanitation
  • You understand the responsibilities of culinary supervisory management
  • You recognize the importance of high standards for food preparation
  • You take charge of your professional development and career

ACF Certification Videos

Certification is not only a benchmark for personal and professional achievement but it has also become recognized as a standard of excellence in the industry.

ACF Certification – Mentoring

Becoming a CMC - a Mini Documentary

Certified Master Chef Exam

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