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The Chef de Cuisine Association of California, ACF-Los Angeles

Good Day
Members & Supporters of The Chef de Cuisine Association of California, ACF-Los Angeles 

 I am very Sorry About Last month’s late cancelation, But Moving forward

The only word that can describe our 2014 National Convention is “Wild”. I had an   Amazing and informative time in Kansas City this past July tasting and making BBQ. It was a pleasure to meet with National President Chef Tom Macrina and discuss some of ACF’s future. If you want to know more? Ask me and we can talk more about it.

Please help me to Congratulate Chef Eda Martin, MS, RD who has just recently given birth to a future Chef to be!

To make you aware we are anticipating some changes to our Certification Program on the National Level. As the previous Certification committee at the National Level has been disbanded and replaced by the National Board and a Transition Committee to improve our Certification Program on a National Level. More to Follow as we move forward.

Septembers Meeting will offer some interesting info on out Re-constructed Apprenticeship program. As we intend to Re-launch this Retro Fitted Program this Month and are looking for our First Apprentices in quite some time. Join us as we kick this off this month here in Los Angeles Again.  Myself, Collette Cristian CEC, CEPC, CCE & Dr. Eloise Cantrell AAC have been working hard to make this get kicked off.

October 18th we will have 2 functions 1 will be our Annual Food Competition at LAHC College go to our Website on local Competitions pages for information @ www.chefdecuisinelosangeles.com  Hosted by Chef Robert Phillips CEC, CCA, ACE & Chef Gio Delrosario CEC, CCA, ACE M’d.

I do hope all of you can help with the planning our Annual Golf Tournament that Chef Lee Ciuffitelli of the Valencia Club & Chef Daniel Drumlake CEC, CCE, CCA, CEPC, ACE are helping to put on for the CCAC. We need much help here please let me know if you need any contact information for them to help make this event a splash see to your right! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I also wanted to remind all the chefs going for AAC Certification time is moving fast and the December Deadline Date will be here soon, so please send your AAC application ASAP! Who is interested in a Doing a Dinner for the CCAC AAC Dinner???? Please call if interested.

See You All Next Month,
Chef Jesse Sanchez CEC Welcomes CCAC as he & his team host our September 29th @ LA Mission College 5PM, School of Culinary Arts See the Calendar for Details

Culinarily Yours,  Robert W. Phillips CEC, CCA, ACE, CFSP 
President, Chef de Cuisine Association of California
ACF-Los Angeles