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Chef De Cuisine Association of California (CCAC) is a local association of chefs and culinarians. We collaborate and unify community efforts, veterans, students, community members and leadership to improve life in California through culinary events, culinary fundamentals, international cuisines and education.




2 years ago
ACF - Nation's Capital Chef's Association

Happy Labor Day from all of us at ACF Nation's Capital Chef's Association! #happylaborday #acfncca #washingtonDC

2 years ago
The Real Reason People Pay $300+ Per Plate At Eleven Madison Park | Fast Company

With its gorgeous dining room and $300+ dishes, Eleven Madison Park has long been considered one of the best restaurants in the ... See more

Chef Robert Phillips
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William A Bauer

Dear Chefs, colleagues, friends,

It is with heavy heart that I must step aside as interim president of CCACLA, effective immediately. At tomorrow’s meeting November 18th Chef Daniel Drumlake will step in as interim president through the presidential gala and the swearing in of new board members.

Part of the agenda for November 18th meeting will need to focus on board elections and if there are any nominations for president besides me, evaluate the nominations for awards, and organize the ballets for go out for voting.

As we discussed in October only members that will commit to coming to every meeting and being active in accordance with the CCACLA by-laws should be a board member.

Brian Reff will assist in guiding the board through this time and will help keep the boards affairs on an even keel. I will contactable for anything I may be of assistance.

We have firm schedule of meetings into March; November 18th at LA Harbor, December at LA Trade Tech with Chef Martin Gilligan and the Bugables folks, January at Braemar CC with Chef Daniel Csotai, February is a little loose but we planning a quasi chefs challenge/potluck that Chef Bill Yee was organising a venue for, March will back to Chaffy for St Patrick’s day Irish feast! This is outstanding that we have this much lined up. I believe also the Gas Company is on deck for April possibly.

As for me, I am pursuing an opportunity out of state starting November 18th in Louisville Kentucky.

Farewell and adieu till our paths cross again I wish all the best!!

Thank you

Chef Bill
William A Bauer
CEC CCA Chefs de Cuisine Association of California


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